Business Development: Business Model Canvas Workshop

Thursday, June 22, 2017 - 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm Free Click Here to Register Community Futures Events

Venue: Linda Fry Notary Public

Address: 532 Main Streeet, McBride B.C. V0J 2E0

Phone: 250.562.9622


  • Map out your business idea according to the nine major building blocks of the Business Model Canvas: Customer Segment, Value Proposition, Channels, Customer Relations, Revenue Streams, Key Partners, Key Resources, Key Activities, and Cost Structure.

  • Learn to use a Start-up Balance Sheet to determine what you already have and what you need to start your business including the resources required to finance your business.

  • Explore the financial viability of your business by using a Break-Even-Analysis tool to estimate your break-even point, sales volumes and minimum price point.

Facilitated by Mike Jurkovic & Jean Rudyk, Business Analysts.
This event, normally $80.00 + tax, will be free of charge.